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  1. Designer's Choice

    Designer's Choice

    SKU: DC-001

    Assortment of fresh flowers and greens, in a vase or ceramic container. Learn More
  2. Blooming Island

    Blooming Island

    SKU: TR-002

    Exotic birds of paradise, roses, orchids, anthurium and beautiful foliage, perfect arrangement for a birthday, as a thank you or anniversary. 27"x20" Learn More
  3. Tropical Rainforest

    Tropical Rainforest

    SKU: TR-001

    Large arrangement with birds of paradise, gerberas, spidermums, roses and orchids. Learn More
  4. Sunset


    SKU: TR-015

    Warm colours of tropical flowers: birds of paradise, anthurium roses, orchids, gerberas and beautiful foliage. Learn More
  5. Exotic Twist

    Exotic Twist

    SKU: TR-016

    Tropical arrangement in ceramic container. Learn More
  6. Exotic Design

    Exotic Design

    SKU: TR-017

    Exotic Centrepiece Learn More
  7. Exotic Island

    Exotic Island

    SKU: TR-018

    Assortment of fresh flowers in a plastic design dish. Learn More
  8. Dendrobium Orchids

    Dendrobium Orchids

    SKU: TR-019

    Assortment of fresh flowers arranged in a vase. Learn More
  9. Bird of Paradise

    Bird of Paradise

    SKU: TR-020

    This arrangement with Bird of Paradise, roses, gerberas, spidermum and foliage is a perfect small "thinking about you" arrangement for male. Learn More
  10. Orchid Paradise

    Orchid Paradise

    SKU: TR-021

    One-sided contemporary arrangement with dendrobium orchids, roses, spidermums and carnations, finished with tropical greenery. Learn More

Items 1 to 10 of 23 total

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